Disciplines under Humanities and Social Sciences study and analyze diverse human behaviors, lifestyles and relationships and initiate discourse on issues and conflicts surfacing from the numerous ideologies that have evolved over some centuries. Their obligation in the context of the issues and conflicts they deal with, is to contribute extensively to develop an effective and secure environment for all beings to live in happiness and mirth.
The concept of “development” can simply be defined as ‘a process that helps to achieve a new and better atmosphere for the sustenance of life in a changing situation’. ‘Development’ is differently interpreted in various spatiotemporal and ideological dimensions. At present, the global development process has been faced with numerous challenges connected with issues related to the environment, natural resources, political ideologies, cultural practices, economic policies, development patterns, income generation mechanisms, health conditions, gender equalisation, etc.
Because of their constant engagement in developing and disseminating new knowledge related to human behavior in the context of issues and strategies of development, academics in the disciplines under Humanities and Social Sciences have a distinct role in formulating, articulating and implementing new policies that ensure the sustenance of a new world order for healthy existence of life.
Considering all these, this international conference titled as ‘Humanities and Social Sciences - Legacies and Challenges in Development Discourse’ is organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Ruhuna, to create a forum for researchers from diverse disciplines under the Humanities and Social Sciences to address ideological and physical challenges of development the communities are faced with at different local and global levels.

Sub Themes
Philosophy Globalization Challenges and Opportunities
Religion, Meditation and Spiritual Studies Regional and Rural Development
Language, Literature and Culture Urban Planning
National Heritage and Tourism GIS and Remote Sensing
History and Archaeology Natural Recources and Disaster Management
Development and Human Rights Economy and Development
Women Empowerment in Development Challenges of Higher Education
Conflict Studies and Reconciliation Governance and Development
Psychology, Counselling and Metal Health Land Degradation and Food Security
Population and Environment Other Themes Relevant to Humanities and
Social Sciences
Keynote Speech
Senior Professor Mohan de Silva
Chairman - University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka
Chair of Surgery, Faculty of Medical Sciences
University of Sri Jayawardenepura