Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an orientation programme for the university entrants?

Answer: Yes, the university entrants are given the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive orientation programme before starting of their study programme. This consists of discussions, lectures and participatory activities covering every important aspect of the university life.

Can I apply for financial assistance from the university to complete the study programme?

Answer: Yes, students who have not granted the Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship can apply for the Bursary grant and other scholarships. Relevant information can be obtained from the Student Services Branch at the University.


How do I find information about the student counselling service?

Answer: From the Student Handbook or from the Student Services Branch.

How do I apply for hostel facilities?

Answer: The University calls applications for hostel facilities at the time of the registration. The eligible undergraduates are selected and notified before the date of entrance.

How are grades determined in the faculty?

Answer: Grades are typically determined by Continuous Assessments (40 marks) and Semester End Examination (60 marks).

What are the requirements for a Special Degree Programme?

Answer: The students who seek to specialize in a particular subject are selected on the basis of their high performance at the 1000 level first and second semester end examinations.

What is GPA?

Answer: Grade Point Average (GPA) is a numeric indicator of a student’s academic performance.

Are there opportunities to participate in field work as a part of the study programme?

Answer: Yes, it is compulsory to participate in field excursions conducted by the respected departments.

Is there any internship programme available in the degree programme?

Answer: Some Departments offer internship programmes for the Special Degree students. The information can be obtained from the respective departments.

Is it possible to obtain any career advice within the faculty?

Answer: Yes, the Career Guidance Unit of the University assists students towards their future career development. This Unit conducts various programmes to make the undergraduates aware of the available employment opportunities, the professional attributes expect by employees and the ways such skills and attitudes could be acquired within the University.