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Department of Public Policy

Established in 2015, the Department of Public Policy is one of the newest departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Department offers General and Special degree programmes as well as a Postgraduate programme covering major areas of Political Science and Public Policy.

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A Short Film about Killing

A Short Film about Killing by Krzysztof Kieslowski, provides a timely important and polemic social debate on capital punishment in an aesthetically stimulated manner. Organized by the Public Policy Association, this film will be screened on August 15, 2018 from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. in the premises of the Department of Public Policy. An open invitation is extended to all who are interested and eager to open your soul. 
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Department of Public Policy
University of Ruhuna
Sri Lanka

Tel     : +94 412222681/82  Ext: 3110
Fax    : +94 412227010
Email  : publicpolicy@hss.ruh.ac.lk

Head's Message

Welcome to the Department of Public Policy! Started in 2015, the Department took off its journey by offering a special degree program and by contributing to the general degree program in one of the leading academic disciplines that receives increasing demand from both undergraduate students and readers who wish to undertake postgraduate studies. The department offers three major areas of study, namely public policy, political science and international affairs.

While being committed to fulfill the mission of the Faculty and the University, the prime goal of the Department is to produce professionals and civic citizens who are responsible, hardworking, good team players with the skills and dedication to contribute to the development of the country. Our main aim is to train the students in such a manner so that they will be able to survive in the increasingly competitive public and private sectors. Currently the department with its energetic and dedicated team of seven full-time academic staff with diverse educational backgrounds and academic experiences gained from top universities in the world conducts the special degree program which has a blend of both theoretical and the practical domains- for more than 80 undergrads.

The prospective students who wish to undertake the programs of our department will experience a homelike surrounding with a conducive academic and research environment which is sustained under the guidance of a friendly staff.

Course Units

Special General
1000 Level
1st Semester
POS 11513 State and Government POS 11513 State and Government
1000 Level
2nd Semester
POS 12513 Government and People POS 12513 Government and People
2000 Level
1st Semester
POS 21613 Introduction to Public Administration POS 21513 Introduction to Public Administration
POS 21623 Classical Political Theory POS 21523 Classical Political Theory
POS 21633 International Studies: Theory and Practice POS 21543 Political Ecology of Sri Lanka
POS 21643 Political Ecology of Sri Lanka POS 21553 Human Rights
POS 21653 Human Rights
POS 21663 Tourism and Hospitality Services: Theory and Fundamentals
2000 Level
2nd Semester
POS 22613 Public Policy and Governance POS 22513 Public Policy and Governance
POS 22623 Modern Political Theory POS 22543 Contemporary International Politics
POS 22633 Political System of Sri Lanka
POS 22643 Contemporary International Politics
POS 22653 Gender and Feminism
POS 22663 Tourism Management
3000 Level
1st Semester
POS 31613 Comparative Politics and Political Analysis POS 31513 Comparative Politics and Political Analysis
POS 31623 Political Sociology POS 31523 Political Sociology
POS 31633 Comparative Public Administration POS 31543 International Organizations
POS 31643 International Organizations
POS 31653 Introduction to International Law
POS 31663 Tourism and Hospitality Services: Marketing
3000 Level
2nd Semester
POS 32613 Comparative Government and Political Analysis POS 32513 Comparative Politics and Political Analysis
POS 32623 Public Policy Management and Administration of Sri Lanka POS 32543 Organization Theory
POS 32633 Research Methodology
POS 32643 Organization Theory
POS 32653 South Asian Politics
POS 32663 Cultural Heritage Tourism Management
4000 Level
1st Semester
POS 41613 Modern Political Ideology
POS 41623 Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka
POS 41633 Development Administration
POS 41643 Research Design
POS 41653 Conflict and Peace Studies
POS 41673 Gender and Politics
4000 Level
2nd Semester
POS 42613 Issues in World Politics
POS 42623 Comparative Peace Processes
POS 42633 International Politics of Twentieth Century
POS 42643 Independent Dissertation
POS 42653 Policy Implementation Studies
POS 42663 Internship