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Department of Geography

The Department of Geography which was established on January 1, 1979, offers programmes designed to establish understanding of the reciprocal relationship between human activities and the environment. The Department is one of the leading academic institutes of geographical research and learning in Sri Lanka.

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Department of Geography
University of Ruhuna
Sri Lanka

Tel : +94 412222681/82 Ext: 3301
Fax : +94 412227010
Email : geography@hss.ruh.ac.lk

Head's Message

I am pleased to send a message to the website of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Ruhuna. Our objective is to offer an excellent learning experience for all undergraduate and postgraduate students, and for the Department to be a key geographical research centre in Sri Lanka, known for its research across a range of our specialties.

At the undergraduate level, the Department provides General and Special degree programmes. The Special degree programmes are offered in both Sinhala and English mediums.Our specialties span in four research clusters:
1) Geography of Health and Population Geography
2) Land Use, Regional, Urban Planning and GIS
3) Geomorphology, Climate, Disasters and Hazards
4) Environmental Management and Protection

We are privileged to enjoy a splendid learning environment in a breathtaking landscape, with laboratory, IT and lecture room facilities in a supportive and collegial atmosphere. At our core, our strength is drawn from all the people - staff and students - who together create and sustain an energetic academic community that makes “Ruhuna Geography”.

Course Units

Special General
1000 Level
1st Semester
GEO 11513 Fundamentals of Geography GEO 11513 Fundamentals of Geography
1000 Level
2nd Semester
GEO 12513 Basic Cartography GEO 12513 Basic Cartography
2000 Level
1st Semester
GEO 21613 New Perspectives and Approaches in Geography GEO 21513 New Perspectives and Approaches in Geography
GEO 21623 Tropical Climate GEO 21523 Tropical Climate
GEO 21633 Principles of Remote Sensing GEO 21533 Principles of Remote Sensing
GEO 21643 Global Positioning System and Digital Cartography GEO 21553 Globalization: Sri Lankan Profile
GEO 21653 Globalization: Sri Lankan Profile GEO 21573 Natural Environment and Resources
GEO 21663 Locational Analysis
GEO 21673 Natural Environment and Resources
2000 Level
2nd Semester
GEO 22613 Geomorphology GEO 22513 Geomorphology
GEO 22623 Geographical Information Systems GEO 22523 Geographic Information Systems
GEO 22633 Basic Statistics
GEO 22643 Development Geography
GEO 22653 Transport Geography
GEO 22663 Marine Geography
GEO 22673 Natural Hazards
3000 Level
1st Semester
GEO 31613 Land Use Planning GEO 31513 Land Use Planning
GEO 31623 Disaster Management GEO 31523 Disaster Management
GEO 31633 Computer-based Geographical Data Analysis GEO 31543 Medical Geography
GEO 31643 Medical Geography GEO 31553 Community-based Forest Management
GEO 31653 Community Forest Management GEO 31563 Urbanization and Migration
GEO 31663 Urbanization and Migration GEO 31573 Alluvial and Coastal Geomorphology
GEO 31673 Alluvial and Coastal Geomorphology
3000 Level
2nd Semester
GEO 32613 Geographical Profile of Sri Lanka GEO 32513 Geographical Profile of Sri Lanka
GEO 32623 Environmental Pollution Control GEO 32563 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GEO 32633 Hydrology and Water Resource Management
GEO 32643 Bio Geography
GEO 32653 Political Geography
GEO 32663 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GEO 32673 Seminars and Presentations
4000 Level
1st Semester
GEO 41613 Regional Development: Policies, Plans and Law
GEO 41623 Population Geography
GEO 41633 Coastal Resource Management
GEO 41643 Independent Dissertation I
GEO 41653 Urban Planning
GEO 41663 Irrigation Water Management in Sri Lanka
4000 Level
2nd Semester
GEO 42613 Global Climate Changes
GEO 42623 Geographical Profile of Southern Sri Lanka
GEO 42633 Transport and Development
GEO 42643 Independent Dissertation II
GEO 42653 Management and Conservation of Environmental Systems
GEO 42663 Settlement Management