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Sociological Association


The Sociological Association of the University of Ruhuna was set up on July 25, 1990 at the Department of History and Sociology. At present, this Association is registered under the Department of Sociology. Membership is open to the students who follow the honors degree in Sociology and the other students who follow the general degree. From the beginning, this association has initiated many programmes such as publishing student journals and conducting workshops and cultural events.


The Sociological Association aims to facilitate sociological research and promotes network of communication to all who are interested in the discipline. This is evidenced by the successful activities of the publication of student journal “Vimarsha”.

Office Bearers

President D. Navoda Rajapaksha
Secretary W.M. Kavinda Gayashan
Vice President P.G. Athukorala
Vice Secretary H.A.N. Asha Dilrukshi
Senior Treasurer Ms. K.D. Dushmanthi Silva
Junior Treasurer M.G.D. Prasad Medawala
Senior Editor
Junior Editor N.M.K. Thakshila Nadeeshani
Committee Members A.M. Lasantha Buddika
R.M. Nirupa Damayanthi
E.K.K.D. Subashini
I.C. Thomas
K.K.M. Priyadarshani
Advising Committee Mr. N.V.G.A. Hemantha Kumara

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Sociological Association
Department of Sociology
University of Ruhuna
Sri Lanka

Tel : +94 412222681/ Ext: 3701/ 3702