Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna

Wijesinghe W.A.N.D., (Mr.)

Senior Lecture

Department of Economics
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
University of ruhuna
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 412265176 / +94 713529313

Email: nalin@econ.ruh.ac.lk


Mr. W.A.N.D. Wijeinghe is a senior lecturer in Economics and Computer Science, Department of Economics in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Ruhuna. He earned his BSc. Mathematics special degree from University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka and Master Degree (MCA) from Bangalore University, India. He has served for academia over 20 years. His current teaching and research interests include Mathematics for Social Statistics, Many Statistical Analysis Software (SPSS, MINITAB, Gretl, R etc.), Computer Programming, Database Systems, Information Management, Online banking.


  • MSc in CA (Bangalore)
  • BSc (Ruhuna)

Specialized fields and teaching areas:

Information Management and Data Analytics Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Mathematics for Social Statistics, Mathematics for Economics, Statistical Analysis Software (SPSS, MINITAB, Gretl, R), Application of IT in Economics, Computer Programming, Database Systems.

Research Areas:

Information Management, Online banking


  • Is stress a bad factor in employee work performance (EWP) in Sri Lanka Public Sector? International Research Conference 2014, General Sir John KotalawalaDefense University.
  • පහ වසර ශිෂ්‍යයත්ව විභාගයේ ලකුණු කෙරෙහි බලපාන සාධක හා එම සාධකවන බලපෑම (මාතර කලාපය ඇසුරින් කරන ලද අධ්‍යයනයකි), International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences – Innovate, Integrate, and Impact: Development Without Boarders, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sri Jayawardenapura.
  • Some recommendation to enhance the quality of English teaching in the Sri Lankan University context: The case of University of Ruhuna, 6th Research Conference, The Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka.