Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna

Lelwala, E.I. (Mrs.)

Senior Lecturer

Department of Economics
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
University of Ruhuna
Matara 81000
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 718680293

Email: lelwala@econ.ruh.ac.lk


Erandathie Lelwala is working for the department of Economics, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka as a senior lecturer in the field of Statistics. She has graduated from university of Ruhuna. She has achieved her MPhil in Bio Statistics from PGIA, University of Peradeniya. Engaged in teaching for both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


  • MPhil(Bio Stat)
  • BA (Stat), Hons.
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Erandathie Lelwala

Specialized fields and teaching areas:

Specialized in Statistics

Teaching areas:

Design of Experiments

Research Areas:

  • Time series approach for modeling of Tourism
  • Modeling of demographic events


Major publications

  • Bilesha, P., Pushpa, F., & Raveen, E. (2005). Smoking in Adults in Sri Lanka: Prevalence and Attitudes. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 40-45.

  • Bilesha, P., Østbye, T., Ariyananda, P., & Erandathiie, L. (2009). Prevalence and correlates of physical and emotional abuse among late adolescents. Ceylon Medical Journal, 10-15.

  • Erandathie, L., & Nisantha, K. (2014). Time-Series Evidenve for Tourism-Led growth Hypothesis: A Study of Tourism Expansion and Long-Run Economic Growth in Sri Lanka. Ruhuna University Journal of Social Sciences. 26-44

Journal publications

  • Nisantha, K., & Erandathie, L. (2013). Time Series Behavoiur of Burgeoning International Tourist Arrivals in Sri Lanka: The Post-war Experience. Ruhuna Journal of Management and Finance, 1-14

Conference publications

  • Nisantha, K., Erandathie, L., & Anne, J. (2015). The Nexus between Fertility and Female Employment in Sri Lanka. Annual Research Symposium(p.15). Colombo: National Center for Advanced Studies(NCAS).

  • Nisantha, K., & Erandathie, L. (2011). Relative Efficiency of International Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka: Empirical Evidence Using Data Envelopment Analysis. 9th Academic Session of university of Ruhuna (p.132). Matara: University of Ruhuna

  • Nisantha, K., & Erandathie, L. (2011). Short – Term Forecasting of International Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka: Comparative Evidence Using Exponential Smoothers, 6th International Research Conference on Management and Finance (p.142-158). Colombo: University of Colombo